Saturday, February 19, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

Well, round one phase two is drawing to a close. Eleven more days of the low calorie part and then we are off to the three weeks of phase three which is intended to stabilize the new weight. After that we move on to six weeks of eating normally (and by normally, I mean NORMALLY, not how I used to eat!) while slowly re-introducing carbs and sugars. After the six weeks we plan on doing another round of the low calorie part. I will miss losing weight for the next nine weeks, but I surely see the necessity of taking a break from this stuff. My body is all funned out.

I seem to be taking 3-4 days to lose a pound whereas before I lost nearly a pound a day. It has really slowed. I hope to lose at least a few more in the next eleven days.

Phase three is sort of like the Atkins diet in that you avoid starch and sugar, but you are allowed fruits and don't eat an unlimited amount of fat like on Atkins. I am looking forward to meat with a little more fat on it! Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. Avocados, salsa, bacon and did I mention bacon? Oh yeah, I'm also looking forward to bacon.

I could use a little mayo in my life as well. Chicken salad on lettuce cups with chopped nuts and mustard. Please...I could live on that for life after this torture! I'm a little nervous to be let out of the cage of this regimen, but semi-confident I won't want to blow all of this effort. (Until I come face to face with the obscene smorgasbord of my cruise that is.) Oh heaven help me!

Weigh in:
Starting Weight: 198.6
Today's Weight: 178.2
Total Loss: 20.4 lbs

P.S. Friends came in town who hadn't seen us since October and they were really surprised at our weight loss. I wanted to cry. It was awesome. Oh, and Nic has lost 31 lbs. He looks great. And his bootie has shrunken to little hamburger buns and it's hilarious.

I've got a baby shower to attend today and am not looking forward to all of the yummies that will call my name. FUN!

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  1. I'm sure phase 3 will be absolutely fine for you. You are right it's like food heaven comparatively. Phase 4 is when I felt like I was not in the safe confines of the protocol. If only I could convince myself to live on p3 forever. Uh...probably NOT going to happen. :)