Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Convinced (day 18 of R1 P2)

I'm convinced a chimichanga would make it all better. I really am. Maybe that is my problem. When things get hard, when kids scream longer than normal, when Nic works late, when anything remotely disappointing or uncomfortable happens, I seem to find some comfort in delicious food.

And why, why, why has Nic and my favorite show become Man vs. Food? Have you ever watched the obscene gluttony of that show? Why do we torture ourselves? All I am saying is there was an episode on county fair food and they dipped a slice of cheesecake in batter and deep fried it and I was nearly brought to tears. It seemed to symbolize in one large blob on a stick all of the things I want to eat!

In other news. I have a cool new trick. I can make my calf muscles spasm and cramp all the day long. Isn't that awesome? are quite the experience. In my super legit and professional research (Googling it a few times) I found that loosing weight quickly depletes you of potassium. That is from an old lady who gives her non medical opinions on an e magazine. So...don't know if that is true or not. Other more credible sources say a diet low in potassium and calcium can cause issues. I'd say this diet is low on just about everything so...that's a possibility. Maybe a combo of both? I'll take some supps and see what happens.

Batter dipped deep fried cheesecake....THAT IS JUST EVIL!

Weigh in:
Starting weight: 198.6
Today's weight: 183.2
Total loss: 15.4 lbs.
(p.s. I totally ate a sugarfree Werther's Original today. My first cheat!)

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