Thursday, February 3, 2011

Round 1 Phase 2 Day 14!

Patience, patience, patience. Lots of self control and sacrifice every day. I like waking up and weighing to see if it is paying off. So hard when it doesn't. Patience.

My parents came to visit. My dad is a worrier. I get it. He loves me. He worries. It's hard when people are aghast at how little you eat on this thing. I have kind of gotten used to it, but my dad was shaking his head. I think the worst part is I think he may be right. I don't know for sure. I can never know for sure I guess. I can just do my best to educate myself and be honest with how I'm feeling. I've had a few good days in a row as far as having good energy.

Nic wants to do 40 days. I'm leaning more into like 25-ish. :)

Hard. My mom left restaurant leftovers in my fridge. The Costco oatmeal cookies are calling my name. But I ate and apple.

Weigh in:
Starting wieght: 198. 6 (still kills me to put that in writing. Maybe it's a good wakeup call)
Today's weight: 185.8
Total Loss: 12.8 lbs.

Time please pass faster!

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