Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On the Edge

Interesting day. Tomorrow I start Phase Three. Translation: I get to eat food again. Kind of freaked out about it.

The last few days have been so...annoying. I've been winding down and ready to just eat already. Plus I made pumpkin spice cake for book club with honey cream cheese frosting. Cheatiness: a little lick of batter, a little lick of frosting. Then I made smores treats for Afton's class. Cheat: Tiny lick of melted marshmallow. Then I made a birthday cake for Afton's birthday. Cheat: A tiny lick of batter. Phew! Barely made it through that weekend. But I did.

So, now I'm not sure what in the heck to eat from here on out. How much? Do I count calories or just eat when I'm hungry? Seems to be lots of opinions on the matter from different HCG'ers. Plus, I start my period ANY day now. That will mess with the scale I'm sure. This should be an interesting three weeks.

Sort of anxious to start another round after my cruise in May. I will be so happy to fit into normal sizes again. Although, I don't have one single pair of jeans that aren't too big now. I have achieved pre-baby weight and all of my summer clothes that I've been saving for "someday" now fit. Yay!

So, the FINAL weigh in until I can do another low calorie round is...drum roll please...
Starting weight: 198.6
Today's weight: 174.4
Total loss: 24.2 pounds in 41 days.

P.S. Nic lost 39 pounds in 41 days. What in the??? No fair but KUDOS to him!!

I'll be checking in with Phase three. For the interested: Phase three is not intended to be a time to lose any weight. Only a time to stabilize my new lower weight. After Phase three I do 6 weeks of normal eating.

Wish me luck! (No really, wish me luck!) I don't hate comments all you blog stalkers out there:)


  1. gooooood luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what have you found to mow on so far??

  2. any before and after pics to share???

  3. Um, my before and after pics were taken in scandalous attire. That wasn't so smart now that I think about it:) I'll have to dig through and find candids that will work. But I love how yours were in the same clothes. The best!

    Enjoyed my cheeseburger for breakfast today with mayo, lettuce buns and sugar free ketchup:) I'm tweaking your bark recipe into p.b. cups. I love ranch ranch ranch. It's been heaven.