Monday, March 7, 2011

Fine Line

I know it is really dumb to think I will get through this without a steak day. (For the newbie or lay person: Steak day is when you have gained more than two pounds from your lowest dosed weight and now must pay the fiddler by drinking water all day and having a mega steak for dinner with an apple or tomato. Refer to Dr. Simeon's protocol for the scientific explanation for this of which I am too lazy to outline here.)

I do not have to do a steak day, YET. But I am dancing that line and I don't want to! Okay, so perhaps liberally throwing some heavy cream and butter into my mashed cauliflower wasn't totally the best idea. :) I have a hard time eating allowed food in MODERATION! That is a beast I still wrestle with...MODERATION. When things are delicious, it's like that word doesn't even exist. It was easy to have moderation on phase two. For one thing the food was pretty nasty. For another thing the rules were so safe and clear. No room for interpretation.

Good news though, my hiney has a reprieve from turbo poo. I can leave the house once more. Aren't you glad you read my blog today?


  1. Im with you, its so hard on P3 when you think 'ahh.... I can eat all these foods I have been wanting for so long!' and then you delve into them with abandon! Not the greatest way to ease off the diet. I too, am learning moderation! Glad you stopped by my blog, we can commiserate P3!

  2. lol! Hang in there- P3 is amazing and a pain at the same time. :) I have been doing the whole okay I am up- need to do a correction day and then the next day I eat something not necessarily conducive to stabilizing and then have to do another correction day. Moderation! What a novel idea- I will have to try it! :)