Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

It makes no sense. Yesterday I ate in a manner that I wasn't so proud of. I had a really sick demanding kid. It frayed on my nerves and every time I went to the kitchen to get her a drink or another dose of medicine I grabbed a chocolate almond bark thingie I made earlier in the day. I think I ate five of them by the time the day was over. In addition, I just grazed like a lazy cow...all the day long.

Granted, I "limited" myself to allowed foods. I ate a spinach salad with ranch, chicken, and calorie free bbq sauce for breakfast. I ate another handful of chicken later. I lost count of how many handfuls of cashews I ate while making the chocolate thingies. I think there was an apple and peanut butter somewhere in there. Another salad. Then some steamed broccoli with a small bowl of cream (and I mean CREAM) of chicken soup. I was so stuffed by the end of the day. I just kept eating because my hair was greasy and I hadn't changed my clothes in two days nor seen the light of day. I ate because it sounded fun. It was a scary reminder of how I got in this mess in the first place. Soothe, soothe, soothe. Maybe I need a binky. A chocolate dipped binky.

So the part that doesn't make sense is getting on the scale this morning and to my amazement...losing a little weight. I was floored. I still keep thinking it's going to bite me in the patootie really soon. It may. But I continue to be amazed at the way HCG is keeping its promises to me if I keep mine. (For the most part) Definitely in the pounds lost department.

I feel so naughty on this phase. But I still haven't gained! This morning I had a delicious blueberry and strawberry shake made with unsweetened almond milk, truvia, and cream. It was holy cow delish. Oh, and on the side I had a 2 egg omelet with bacon, a fat slice of swiss and chives. Dipped it in sugar free ketchup. The whole thing seems too good to be true. I'm so darn satisfied. I hope it keeps working.


  1. How wonderful! I am so glad you are having a great stabilizing period! I hope your baby gets to feeling better soon though- no fun! ... I have been dealing with the same- I think we are on the downhill slope though. :) Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Caitlin! I love to read your blog. It's scary how similar a busy mom/hcger's lives are:) Keep up your good work too!

  3. Fat oh glorious fat! The protocol has REALLY changed my opinion of fat. Fat not making us fat is a very hard concept to wrap your lips around, but it is soooo true. As much as I hate the fact, SUGAR is what makes the scale go up! BUT, I'm so happy I've seen the light and have embraced my LOVE of rich gold butter. It's totally psychotic, but yesterday I ate a finger-full of that butter, PLAIN. and I loved it. and I didn't feel guilty. :) I need the fat, especially when nursing this baby. Now, how do I convince my self not to eat a finger-full of Butter, mixed with powdered sugar!?!?!?!

    Buttercream frosting is my kryptonite. :(