Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This past weekend has proven to me that there is a lot going on in our bodies that I don't fully understand. After being somewhat flippant with my eating on Saturday night, I woke up to see I had gained three pounds! Now, we all know that wasn't three pounds of fat. However, my body did not appreciate the things I put in it after not eating it for almost three months, i.e. - sugar. I've had natural sugars in the form of apples and oranges and other fruits and vegetables, but I haven't eaten straight up refined sugar since early January.

So, what did it was chowing down on a broccoli salad that had a sugary dressing and then eating a very small portion of this creamy banana pudding dessert with ( I know, what was I doing??!!) an oreo crust and topping. I never eat that kind of stuff at home. I went to a dinner with friends and I thought, oh, it's just a little dab, it won't be a big deal I'm sure. Well, the next morning, it WAS a big deal. A big ol' three pound deal. So, I drank lots of water as prescribed in the correction day, and then ate my weight in beef with an apple. That sure tasted good after fasting all day. I forgot what HUNGER felt like. It made me realize what I was feeling during the low cal portion of Phase 2 was NOT hunger, it was dissatisfaction with food. Hunger feels much worse than craving. It makes me so stoked to do another round in May. It really is doable.

So, my weight after the splurge was 178.4. I performed a steak day and the next morning was 175.00. This morning I was 174.4 which is right around where I should be, near my Last Dosed weight of 174.0. Phew. Thank goodness the protocol works. Lesson learned!

Has anyone contemplated or attempted staying on P3 forever? It's pretty darn easy for the most part. I don't trust myself on P4. YIKES!


  1. It feels so good to get down near your LIW when you have gained doesnt it? I think for me its so good to monitor my weight every day and helps me not make bad choices day after day. You are doing great. Congrats!

  2. oh my. i hate my love of sugar. thanks for the reminder about how awful sugar is for my body. i went back to my post:


    and yes, even now, I am contemplating and trying to convince myself to go back to phase 3. carbs and sugar make the scale go up. for sure. it's so much easier when it's not an option. because i really am addicted again and 1 bit turns into many. so sad.