Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Matter of Record Keeping

Don't get excited, I have nothing THAT noteworthy to say. I just want to tie the bow on the box of Round 2.

I originally planned to do a 35 day round. Then my sister asked me to watch her 4 kids along with my 3 for 4 days while she went on vacation. I knew I would not have the energy for that on VLC. I know Dr. Simmeon says you should be able to maintain your normal activities, but I find that a load of crap. (No offense). I am able to do what I need to do in my normal life, but just barely. I knew adding 4 more kids into the mix was not going to fly, so I cut the round short. I felt okay about doing it because my goal was to lose 15 lbs this round and I did.

So that's that. Starting weight in January 198.
Maintenance weight now: 166-168.

Feeling good. Loooking good. No steak days yet!

Dreading/looking forward to Round 3.


  1. 15lbs is awesome! I think you made the right choice. Sometimes pressing through is the worst thing because you end up cheating if you are so exhausted and then you gain and its a waste of time and energy anyway! Good luck with maintenance!

  2. Wow, good for you. Thanks for your post on my blog. I started yesterday, and it has been hard. Found out I started TOM today, so that could be partly why=)

    I'm trying to stay syked and I'm heading into tomorrow with more WILL POWER, because I really want to be honest with this thing....

    Any tricks for the hard days? What would get you through?

    Good luck maintaining! I'll be checking back

  3. What is the exactly duration to come to 168? If you say the answer i can calculate about it.
    Waiting for your reply...

    Veronica Pitman

  4. I'm super proud of you, and YES YOU DO LOOK GOOD! Trust me, I saw those sexy curves in a swimsuit last night and MAN... hubba hubba! xoxo

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  7. Sounds like you were doing great. How's it going now?

    I'm working on a blog post about people who have lost weight on hCG and kept it off. Would you be willing to share your experiences?


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