Monday, May 9, 2011

Pay up!

It was a long walk to the scale this morning. I got back from my cruise last night. Oh mercy, mercy me the food on that boat. I didn't go hog wild per say....but I didn't restrict one single thing. Okay fine, I ate til I hurt. It was pretty epic. So just so you know, I kept all my weight off this whole time until the DAY I left for the cruise. I'm pretty proud of that. I was 176 when I left. I gained about 7 lbs over the last nine days. Holy cow!

It was the lava cake. And the 24 hour pizza bar. And the french toast with blueberry sauce. Pretty sure the daily pina coladas weren't doing me any favors either! But we had a blast and my chubby fanny had a great time snorkeling through the reefs, tubing through caves and rain forests, hiking, shopping, sun bathing, paddling in canoes, and kanoodling with the sting rays. I rocked what I had ladies...that's what matters eh? So, as soon as I can get myself together, huz and I are starting another round. Oh HCG...I love you and I hate you. Time to play the fiddler y'all.

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  1. I loved this post! Its great you had an awesome time, and there is nothing better than feeling good about yourself while On vacation and hey, Ive been on one of those cruises, its HARD to not stuff yourself silly! So you've had your fun and I suspect just being back home with 'normal' foods you'll lose a little of the gain anyway and then you'll do your other round of HCG together. What a great way to do it when its the both of you! Good luck!